How to Build Your List From Forums

Forums and online communities offer a fantastic opportunity for email marketing. If you’re looking for somewhere that you can build and grow a list, then these can provide a fertile resource with lots of benefits. Here we will list some of them and provide tips on how to use them more effectively…

What Are Forums? And How to Find Them

A forum is an online community in the shape of a message board. Here, people can post questions, raise items for discussion and generally throw ideas back and forth. For anyone interested in a subject, this is a great place to meet like-minded people and to get and share information.

Unfortunately, forums are becoming increasingly scarce. Some big ones do still exist but in other cases they have been replaced by other online communities such as Sub Reddits. Either way, they can still be just as effective.

Provide Value

Whenever you get a group of people together with a similar interest this is always going to look like a nice, big, juicy target for an internet marketer. Thus, these forums tend to be on the receiving end of a lot of marketing and a lot of spam.

So if you sign up to a forum and then right away post a link to your landing page, you can bet that you’re going to get deleted and banned. Oops. Instead then, you need to make sure you become an active part of the community and provide some value of your own. Contribute to the discussion, answer questions and demonstrate yourself to be an authority on your subject. 

Then, only promote your landing page or mailing list when it comes up naturally. This way, when it does come up, people will know they can trust you and what’s more they will actually like you. You’d be surprised what a lot of good a little good will can do – you may even find that they help you to promote your list!

Using Your Signature

If you do want to use a little trick to gain more exposure though, then you can always try adding your URL to your signature. This is the passage of text that is automatically added to the bottom of every post and this is a nice subtle way that people can find out more about you – and your list – if they should be interested.

10 Creative Ways to Build a List of Subscribers

Sometimes great marketing means being able to think outside the box. This way, you can find new ways to make your content and products seem interesting, you can reach people in ways and places they otherwise wouldn’t expect and you can find new opportunities that others missed. Creativity is often what sets the successes apart from the failures, so read on to see 10 creative ways you can build subscribers for your list…


Running a competition is a great way to collect emails and to create some excitement around your list. You can even team up with another brand!

Prize Draws

Or how about an on-going competition in the form of a prize draw? You can even be creative on what the prizes are. How about a mystery surprise…?

Get Your Subscribers to Grow Your List For You!

Tell your subscribers you’ll share your most powerful tip but only if they help you grow your list to an extra 100!

Member of the Week

Get your members excited to be a part of something by featuring a regular ‘member of the week’.

Chats and Meetups

Another way to make your list more engaging and to build buzz is to have chats, seminars and meet-ups. You can do them online or even in person!

Market Them

Market members of your list to the other members of your list. This way you give them a financial motive for signing up!

Affiliate Schemes

You can even run an affiliate scheme and pay other marketers for getting members onto your list. As long as you have a good monetization method, this will provide a return on investment.

Online Tool

Ad an online tool to your website but require an email address for people to sign up and use it. Of course the real creativity comes from knowing what to create!

Throw an Event

You can even throw an event in real life in order to get people in one place where you can hand out cards or collect emails. If you’re not up for throwing an event then just attend one such as a tradeshow or networking event.

Publish Your Emails Online

Want to demonstrate what amazing value and quality you are offering with your emails? Then why not publish them on your site! Or better yet, publish a portion of them on your site so that people have to keep reading by signing up!

6 Types of Opt-in Bribes You Can Offer To Build Your List

When creating your opt-in form to begin email marketing, you should always ask yourself a simple question: why should anyone be willing to give you their email address? What are you going to offer them in return? And how is your list going to give them value in exchange for that personal information?

Often the best answer to these questions is: with an incentive (or ‘bribe’ as it’s often referred to). Here we will look at some options for things you can give away for free that will make your mailing list into a great opportunity for your readers.

Free Reports

Free reports are usually short reads that are about 5-20 pages long and that will share a specific tip, expose or insight. These should offer clear value to your readership whether that means saving them money, helping them to get into better shape or teaching them how to date. What’s more, you should sell them as being ‘exclusive’ to increase excitement.


Ebooks tend to offer large introductory guides to a subject and provide great value as a freebie. Often they will be around 20-100 pages long and include graphics and formatting that would normally cost money. They’re great incentives but do involve a little more incentive on your part.

Video Series

Host some videos on a server somewhere and provide access to that server in exchange for your users’ e-mails. Videos offer a fantastic way to really engage with your audience and make your business seem very professional and capable. It does help though if you know an editor and have the equipment.


An eCourse is a series of e-mails providing instruction and training on a certain subject. These are very effective because it means the e-mails become the incentive in themselves – and that way you know that your readers will have their eyes perpetually trained on their inboxes.


You can offer a free app or another ‘tool’ to your members, or even give them access to a web-app that runs in the browser in exchange for their e-mails.

A Resource List

A comprehensive list of resources offers great value and it’s very easy, cheap and quick for you to create. 

These are just some options for incentives and freebies. There are many more but always ask yourself when choosing whether the incentive is a) inviting enough and b) going to help serve your goals.

5 Ways to Get More Subscribers Without Spending a Cent

Building a mailing list is a fantastic marketing strategy in terms of ROI (return on investment). That is to say, that the amount you have to spend on building a list is relatively very small compared to the amount you can potentially stand to earn. This is one of the biggest appeals of this form of marketing and particularly for very small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs.

At the same time though, there certainly are some expenses involved in creating a mailing list. For starters, you’ll have to pay for your autoresponder. Then there’s the cost of hosting and of your domain name. Then there’s advertising… It’s not a lot but it adds up!

This is why it’s refreshing to find that there are actually numerous things you can do to build more subscribers completely for free. Here we will look at a few of them…

Ask Your Subscribers to Spread the Word

Once you have built up a small number of subscribers, there’s no reason you can’t ask them to help you in increasing your list. Ask them to spread the word if they enjoy your content and potentially even incentivize them to do so.

Do an Ad Swap

Likewise, if you know another email marketer in your niche, you can make a pact to promote one another. It’s completely free and because you’re getting an endorsement from someone who has already built up trust, it can be highly effective.

Promote Your List on Reddit

Reddit is an incredibly potent platform when it comes to extending your reach. Here you can find targeted viewers who are interested in your niche and get your message seen by countless people!

Make Your Giveaway ‘Limited Time Only’

Want to create a sudden surge of people signing up for your list? Tell them that the current giveaway is only going to be offered for the next week. This applies time pressure which is a fantastic way to drive more conversions.

Tweak Your Page

Simply moving your ‘subscribe’ button to the bottom right of your page has been shown to increase conversions. The same goes for making subscribe buttons red. Either way, these are simple and easy changes you can make with very immediate results so it’s a great way to try and get more people to sign up. 

These are just some of the things you can do completely for free to get more e-mails. Give them a go and how easily you can profit from zero investment! You don’t always have to spend to accumulate…

3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Building a List

When creating a mailing list, it’s not all about size. It is not simply a matter of throwing every technique you can at it in the hope of getting the maximum number of emails. While you might be able to get more subscribers in the short-run this way, in the long-haul this will actually create more problems. Read on and we’ll look at three common mistakes that many marketers will make in a bid to quickly swell their numbers…

Giving Away the Wrong Freebie

Giving away freebies as incentives is a great way to encourage more people to sign up but it can also create problems. In particular, if you give away something that is ‘too good’ then you can attract subscribers who are only interested in getting free things… good luck getting them to pay for products later on!

On the other hand though, if you give away an ebook or report that is sub-par, then you’ll risk demonstrating to your subscribers that you don’t deal with quality. Again, good luck getting them to buy from you later down the line.

Not Getting Targeted Subscribers

Similarly problematic is not trying to target your subscribers. In other words, if you are giving away a product that isn’t in your niche, or if you are attracting subscribers from a random source, then they won’t be your target demographic. A list of random emails is no more useful than a solo ad, so do try to find people who will actually be interested in what you have to say. Better yet, try to develop a relationship with them first via some content marketing.

Doing Everything Yourself

Many marketers want to do everything themselves as a way to save money. That and your typical entrepreneur is naturally a control freak. But by doing everything yourself you will not only waste valuable time but you will also risk doing a worse job than a professional would have done. Need a landing page written but can’t write? Then consider hiring a writer. Need a web design made but don’t have the eye for detail? Hire a designer.

Just as important is to use the right tools. Things like OptimizePress and UnBounce can drastically simplify the process, so don’t stubbornly try to do it all in notepad. 

Avoid these three mistakes and your list will grow faster and be much more relevant as a result!

7 Best Email Marketing Practices

When using email marketing to promote a product, brand or service, you have the ability to reach people right in their inboxes and thus to have a very personal and profound impact. The statistics clearly show that this is a highly effective way to promote a product and to potentially make a lot of money but you know what they say: with great power comes great responsibility.

Read on then and we’ll look at some ‘best practices’ for email marketing that can avoid you making any awkward faux pas. Not only will this help you to avoid frustrating your audience but it will also help you to get more clicks and conversions by not rubbing them up the wrong way…

Two a Week is Enough

You may choose to send a higher volume of emails to build anticipation for a product or promotion. The rest of the time though, try to avoid going beyond 2 a week. Otherwise, you’ll just frustrate your audience and they’ll quickly become sick of your messages.


All caps are annoying wherever it’s located but in your inbox, it’s particularly abrasive and rude. Don’t do it!

Use Re: With Caution…

Using ‘Re:’ in the subject header is a great way to draw attention to your emails. It’s also somewhat manipulative though and essentially amounts to tricking your readers. Don’t overdo this method then.

Make Unsubscribing Easy

If you use Aweber or GetResponse then unsubscribing should be easy. This is key – as otherwise, you can do serious damage to your brand and reputation.

Deliver Value

Whether or not your emails are welcome in someone’s inbox or frustrating will ultimately probably depend on whether or not you provide value. As long as you offer value, people will have a good reason to read what you’re sending them and they’ll be glad for it. Consistently do this and don’t send lots of messages that are just self-promoting.

Respect Privacy

Yes, you can sell an email list for a fair amount of money. However, unless you have explicitly gotten permission from your subscribers this is something you should not do. And don’t use that sneaky ‘Yes I do not want to let you share my address with partners’ trick. 

Ultimately, you are a guest in your subscribers’ homes. Act that way and treat them with respect and gratitude – it will ultimately be better for you and them in the long run.